Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday Bagel Ride

Saturday Bagel Ride with SPP - Rainy day, 45 deg F. Just three of us, but we had a nice time anyway. The Goretex rain gear is remarkable. I really can ride in a cold rain and be comfortable enough to enjoy myself. My hands still get wet. Gotta find a better glove for the rain. But otherwise it's good.

Met Isaias, goes by NoRacer on this blog. It was his blog here that got me to try this service. He rides a lot and documents it extensively.
*Note: this was written on before moving to

He was riding a new bike with Schwalbe studded snow tires. The rolling resistance on those must be significant. But he just kept riding through it.

Clint fell in the first mile trying to negotiate ice on the trail. Not clear if the broken stem bolt caused the fall or vice versa. He got up spent two minutes evaluating a fix and concluded road side repair was impractical. He finished the ride his handle bars swinging loose in the stem. Thought nothing of it.

Riding with guys like that makes me marvel at how much some people devote to this sport. Both incredible athletes. Pretty good as breakfast companions too.

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