Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year End Ride to close out a full 4000 mi for the year.

Forecast tomorrow morning is for snow and sleet. So I set out at 9:30 this evening to get in my last miles for 2009 and put myself over the top for year. Beautiful almost moonlit night but the clouds are already rolling in. The world is beautiful on a holiday night with so many homes light up and not too many people out and about. Barring an unexpected sunny day tomorrow, that's probably it for 2009.

Editorial note: The post above reads as I wrote it on 12/30/3009. Several days in to the new year I discovered a math error from Aug, 2009 that carried forward in my YTD totals for all of 2009. I actually finished 2009 with 3997 miles. : -( The cumulative numbers on the blog reflect this actual 2009 mileage.


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