Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Really Nice Day

Rode the B & A Trail from home to Glen Burnie then back south to Old Country Rd and back on the trail to the south end. A nice sunny day and the trail was clean and dry. Saw my son Justin's friend Fred, Dangerous Dan and Doug C at various points along the way. A lot of others were also out enjoying the day.

Got a new helmet mirror and this was good day to figure out how to adjust it and to sweep my head to see behind me. Previously I've only used a handlebar mounted mirror on the hybrid. With the bar end shifters, a handle bar mount is less practical on the Surly. It will take a little getting used to but I think it will help me see the cars before they sneak up on me next time.

The right leg continues to mend. It felt much stronger today than it did on Thursday, though I'm still aware of it when trying to push for speed or climbing.

There is some utility work going on along the trail. It looks BGE is replacing old gas lines. The county has also closed a small section just behind the old Luckies market at Jumpers Hole Rd.

BD Arnold reports the new rim arrived Friday and the Surly should be ready by Monday.

The trail work at Jumpers Hole

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