Saturday, January 30, 2010


8 riders set out from the RB at 7:30, temp about 20 deg F for the bagel ride to Annapolis. We picked up 2 more along the way and enjoyed a nice ride in to Annapolis. Bill Willis gets the prize for the most creative break down. His bars snapped right at the stem. The right side was just hanging by the brake and shifter cables, the left side still securely attached to the stem. Remarkably he stayed on the bike and made it to the coffee shop safely steering with just the left side.

We enjoyed a great breakfast at the Italian coffee shop near the end of city dock (terrible, I can't recall the name). Bill made it another 1/2 mile before concluding something had to be done with the floppy right bar. A couple of zip ties from my repair kit lashed the broken end of the right bar to the left bar and got Bill back home. No one had a camera handy, but I told Bill he owes me a picture for the zip ties.

About the same time we were getting under way from the repair stop, the snow started to get serious. It was beautiful riding in the falling snow as we crossed Severn River and came up the hill past the War Memorial, to Boulters Way and back on to the trail. The accumulation was light enough that traction wasn't an issue yet, but everyone was ready to head straight for home as it continued to build up. When I got home my beard was full of ice and snow, much to Erik's delight (my 6 year old son).

These short daily rides are always a blast with the bike club. In the last 2 days I've seen a beautiful moon set, a nice sunrise, ridden in the snow and enjoyed breakfast with friends, twice.


Bill provided this photo after the ride. It shows the jury rigged repair with the tie wraps. I'm still amazed, and so glad for Bill, that he stayed on the bike when these failed and wasn't hurt.

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