Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Surly is Back

Back on the Surly!! I got the Surly back from BD Arnold with a new wheel, freshly tuned up, and pretty clean. As usual the guys at BD did a good job. It felt good to get back on the new bike. My legs felt good during and after the ride.

Four of us out from the RB: Bryan, Chip, Clint and me. It was nice to ride the trail route again. We passed Doug C going north while we were southbound just before the U Turn at the south end of the trail. Dan and Jim caught us at the U turn and had apparently been chasing us the whole way.

On the return leg we saw Doug C stopped at Glen Oban. He had apparently tangled with one of the posts. His front fork was bent. Dan lives on the trail and escorted Doug to his house then provided a ride home in his truck. Doug reports via email a sore shoulder but otherwise he is unhurt.

Our collective accident rate among the SPP members, including my recent tangle with a car, seems high to me. I’m not sure if there are statistics on the number of injury accidents per 100,000 miles pedaled. Nor am I even sure if that’s the right way to measure an accident rate. But I’d be interested to see how SPP compares to the national average. I can’t pinpoint any practice or behavior we have as a group that might be causing this. But it still strikes me that we have more incidents than we should for the size of group and number of miles ridden.

Fortunately it looks like we also have a knack for dodging the really serious injuries and so far everyone's bruises have been fairly quick to heal or appear that they will be.

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