Friday, February 19, 2010

Friendly Friday 05:45

A nice ride this AM with the SPP 05:45 club to downtown Annapolis for breakfast.

The studded tires are growing on me. Yes they are heavy and slow, but some of my compadres are finding the conditions on Old County and other ice prone roads challenging before sun up. The studs definitely help me keep the rider up and the wheels down. Dan slipped on Old County, this AM, but he was fine and we rode on.

I got too close behind Chip on his fixie later on a descent on B&A. He kept his speed in check as we started down, which was prudent. I let it go and didn't react fast enough as I came up behind him. Fortunately he stayed up and my tumble was relatively slow speed. New handle bar tape is now in order.

I guess I need more operator training on the Garmin. I had been playing with route settings last night, getting ready for Sunday's ride to Solomons Is. and back. Inside the house, the widget couldn't get a satellite signal. I turned the GPS off while I played with the route settings. Forgot to turn it on this morning so my speed distance data is based on just the cadence and wheel sensor. Oops.

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