Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sandy Pt and Thomas Pt

Met with Chris L at 6:30, to get an early start before traffic. We started from the Jones Station Park and Ride, took B & A south to the end, then crossed Ritchie Hwy at Arnold Station and rode out to Sandy Pt. St. Margret's down to Annapolis and enjoyed breakfast at Hard Bean. Then out Bay Ridge towards Thomas Pt as far as road conditions allowed, we turned back about a mile short of Thomas Pt. Park, headed back through downtown Annapolis and then back up Ritchie Hwy to Jones Station. What a beautiful, sunny morning. The views over the Severn River and Spa Creek bridges were just spectacular.

The verdict is still out on these studded tires. They are certainly more sure footed on solid ice. There are many small patches of ice where melting snow freezes overnight. The ice patches are frequent, but small. On simply wet or dry pavement, the rolling resistance the studded tires offer is significant. So the trade off is the slower ride vs. extra traction. If the ice sheet were more extensive it would be obvious, but much of the ice I've encountered the last two days could be simply avoided by riding around it. I'm gonna try a couple of early morning rides this week, but I may switch back sooner than I had planned.

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