Sunday, March 14, 2010

Around the River

The rain held off and I had a nice ride out to Cape St. Clair, then through St. Margarets to Annapolis, out Generals Hwy and finally back to Severna Park via Benfield Rd.

It was disappointing to see the weight actually tick up 2 lbs in the last week when I put in 147 miles and burned 12,147 calories pedaling. Clearly I'll need to focus more on what goes in to the pie whole if I want to shed another 30+ lbs this summer. Cycling alone won't do it. I think emphasizing a decent breakfast may help. Part of the problem may be I eat too little in the morning and I tend to gorge in the evening. So this week I'll be adding a couple of eggs to my granola bar and piece of fruit to see if that will help stave off the craving later in the day.

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