Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday B'fast Ride 05:45

So nice to have the weather warming up. 11 riders this morning! Including friends Jerry Rush and Dave Mumford. 10 went downtown, 8 of those hit the Hard Bean along with some non-riding friends for coffee and snack. We overwhelmed the one poor guy behind the counter with that many people but everyone had fun.

The Dinotte Tail light actually generated some concern in the group riding behind me in the dark, it's probably overkill in that situation, so I doused it and reverted to the AA blinky from planet bike. But that reinforces my confidence that it's the right light in daylight, or twilight or riding alone, even if I have to turn it off while riding with the peloton in the dark. In that situation many small lights still make us quite visible and I'm less concerned. Fiddling with the light angle may also help.

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