Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Breakfast Ride

Eight riders this morning to Annapolis for breakfast at C & R. Also met Rod and Mark there so 10 for breakfast. It was a beautiful morning.

The morning riders, sunrise at City Dock 3/19/2010
from left: Jeff, Bryan, Carl, Mike (me), Chip, photo by Clint

I'm a little nervous and excited about my solo 200K tomorrow. I'll be doing the Over to Dover permanent for credit towards my R-12. The route is from Frederick, MD to Dover, PA and back. It's a bit more climbing than I've done before at such distances and it's the first time I'll be riding one alone, but my plans changed this week and there was little time to recruit a partner.

The weight loss program has been going well this week, finally. I think the idea of eating more breakfast and less the rest of the day seems to be working. Looking forward to new weekly number on Sunday.

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