Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ride to Work - Full Moon

Beautiful morning with a full or nearly full moon to start out.

The last 36 hours were terrible for the diet. Beer Monday night with my brother and father, burger for lunch yesterday and pasta for dinner. I've got to get some self control over what I consume or I'll never loose the extra ballast.

My friend and frequent riding partner Chris Lane is setting out on a solo 200K ride today. The route is "No Halfway Measures". This will keep his R-12 pursuit alive. I hope all goes well for him.

Still haven't gotten the Surly in for an overhaul. The bike shop reported a 7 - 10 day backlog when I called them Sunday. Worse, they weren't sure if it was 7 or 10 days. They suggested I call back today or tomorrow when they should have things sufficiently under control that I can make an appointment. I'm not actually having any trouble with the bike. But after a winter of riding in salt I want to get new cables and a thorough cleaning down to the bearings to avoid any surprises on a long ride later. Now it will be tight to fit it in before the next permanent ride on Sunday the 11th.

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