Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ride to Work

The day off yesterday was just what the doctor ordered. I felt very good riding in this morning. Met Chris again at the Jones Station Park and Ride and we rode together until the B&A to BWI connector hits the BWI loop, then we split directions around the airport. I went along the east side of the airport up Aviation Blvd. When the trail passes Lindale Middle School and hooks left, I opted to stay straight and followed Andover Rd. to West Nursery. It's perfect, it comes out right a the Starbucks on West Nursery, and from there it's about 1/2 mile downhill to the office. I definitely think that's the standard route in from now on.

With the starting temp hovering at 40 deg F this AM I opted for bib shorts and leg warmers instead of my long riding pants. The Garneau bib shorts with the SPP logos are very comfortable. I may have to get a pair of those in black to go with other jerseys.

While the day off was good for the legs and my overall disposition, I did a terrible job late yesterday with the diet. I limited myself to a small sub at lunch, but it was still a sub with bread, chicken and lots of delicious sauces. Dinner was worse, mac and cheese, turkey and too much ice cream for desert. Oh and don’t forget the vanilla latte for a mid afternoon pick me up. The late afternoons and evenings are the toughest time. We’ll see how much damage I did when I weigh in again on Sunday.

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