Sunday, March 7, 2010


What a wonderful afternoon to be on a bike. I felt 10 lbs lighter riding without most of my winter clothing. Set out with Clint, Fran, Steve and Bob for Elkridge at 1:00 pm. It was just a wonderful, slightly hilly ride. The climb up Lawyer’s Hill in Elkridge was challenging but I reached top ready to keep moving. After a quick stop for snacks at the Dunkin Donuts in Elkridge, Clint opted for a direct route home to pursue family activities and the rest of us wondered around the back roads of Elkridge and Linthicum before we came out near the hotel district at BWI Airport. From there we rode around the East side of the airport and down WB&A blvd home.

New feature
I've decided to include my weight loss progress in my riding stats at the top. My real motivation to get on a bike back in May, 2009 was to lose weight ahead of the Annapolis to Newport sailboat race. I weighed 300 lbs and lots of things didn't work right any more. Airline seats were too small, clothing never fit, and just standing up was sometimes a challenge. The opportunity to sail the big race was exciting, but I wasn't ready for 4 days at sea with irregular sleep and potentially hard work. So I got on the bike and fat started melting off. But I've kept that part low key, my online posts documented the activity on Facebook and now here on this blog. But until now, I haven't addressed the real motivation or the bigger goal.

Recently I've read some inspiring blogs by big folks pedaling to loose it and have decided to follow their example by addressing weight loss directly. To start, I'll open the numbers up for inspection and comment. I'll starting noting my thoughts, successes and setbacks on the weight loss goals to the posts a couple of times each week.

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