Sunday, April 4, 2010

Father Son Easter Ride

After Easter Services, my older children were committed to stay at Woods Church for most of morning, singing with the choir for multiple services. But it was a gorgeous day so I took my youngest sons Zach(age 8) and Erik(age 6) on a little adventure on the B & A trail.

We set out from Jones Station Rd and B & A trail and immediately turned south to attack the epic climb up Mt. Arnold. All riders made it to the Glen Oban control without stopping to walk. A wonderful start and a good omen for the challenges to come. After traversing the flats and successfully crossing Joyce Lane we made a second hydration stop at the water fountain at Arnold Station before descending to the halfway point at Mile 0.

Another quick break at the turnaround and everyone was fresh for the next big climb back to Arnold Station. On the return leg, the Naval Bagel shop at Arnold Station serves a control and breakfast stop. So we set out again anxious to earn our bagels and cream cheese.

Closed for Easter!! What to do? My resourceful sons spotted a McDonalds and saved the day! After a nutritious breakfast we enjoyed the final descent back to Jones Station Rd and concluded our ride.

Did I mention Dad got a new camera as an early birthday present?

My future Randonneurs at the start.
Click the picture to see the complete album of our trip.

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