Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fishing On My Birthday!


I played hooky from work today and went fishing. The boat is the Mackenna Jane II out of Queenstown, run by Capt. Jerry Judge. Jerry is a close friend of Rod Luck and we always have a great time on his boat. He's a knowledgeable fisherman, runs a well prepared boat, and is a great host.

The crew included Jerry Judge - the captain and boat owner, Rod Luck, Kent Wasserman - Rod's neighbor, John - who works with Rod, John's bass fishing partner Mike, and Me. Beau the boat dog was supervising the whole time. He's a 21 week old yellow lab that Jerry is training as a hunting dog. He was a lot of fun.

We landed 3 big rock all 34 inches plus and released a 4th that was just about an inch shy of the 28 inch minimum. We also netted a case of beer dropped by another boat to rescue us from our own poor planning!!

The weather started wet and gray when left the pier about 6 am. But by 8 the sun was out and the day just kept getting better. When I got home I had time for a nap. Then I enjoyed grilled rock fish and caramel birthday cake for dinner with my family.

It was a great day!

This one did NOT get away!

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I love the fishing piccys. Are those fish you call Rock fish what we call Sea Bass?

    Living in Birmingham which is in Central England all of my fishing is done in rivers and lakes.

    I do love sea fishing though when I get the chance.




  2. Clive -

    Rock Fish is the local name on Chesapeake Bay for Stripped Bass. I think they are closely related, but not exactly the same as Sea Bass. They're great sport fish to catch and they make a tasty meal on the grill too!


  3. Mike,

    Obviously close relations I think, they look pretty much like our Sea Bass. Which also taste great!

    You're very lucky living around there, it's a 3 and a half hour drive to my Mom and Dad's in Wales where they live on the coast. Oh, by the way a 3 and half hour drive is a big deal here!



  4. Mike,

    I finally checked out the pictures. Excellent!!

    I forwarded the link to Jerry and John.

    Next is Tuna and Marlin fishing, this summer!!


  5. I'm looking forward to it!