Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Breakfast Ride - 9 Riders

I love the morning rides. Commuting so much lately I haven't done many 5:45 rides the last two months, but it was good to see the group again this morning. I did leave the house a few minutes later than I planned and wasn't sure I could make the RB by 5:45 sharp. As I was waiting at the light to cross Rt. 2 Chris rode up beside me. He made a comment that maybe since I was there we weren't really late. I assured him we were! I figured we had about an 18 min ride at 15 mph to get to the RB and we had exactly 18 min to make it.

GREEN! We started hammering away. After about a mile I became more confident we'd make it. Then a I catch a light in my rear view mirror. We're doing 19 mph and this light is getting brighter! At that hour only Dangerous Dan Oldale could be riding us down from that direction. Sure enough it was him. He caught us just north of Robinson Road and the three of us were actually the first to the RB about 5:42.

We met Clint, Bryan, AJ and Earl at the bridge. We picked up Chip and Clif as we started south between RB and the Ranger Station. A great morning group. It was very good to see Chip, Clif and Clint after their recent success at the Fleche last weekend. Chip's ride report is well worth your time, a truly epic event.

Earl did his civic duty to clean tacks and nails from the trail near Robinson Rd as we headed South. With so many hands the resulting flat was repaired quickly and we were off again. Half the group opted not to continue to Annapolis and instead move on with the rest of their day. Clint, Earl, Bryan and I went on to Chick n Ruth's and met my friend Doug Baker there for a nice breakfast. By 8 I was back home and showering.

Good luck to Dan O on his 400K brevet starting tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to that ride report. Dan is a man on a mission. You can see his 300k ride report here from a few weeks ago.

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
I've boxed myself in with my schedule this weekend and will miss the Wounded Warrior rides. I knew these were coming for over a month and still didn't get it right on my calendar. No one to blame but me. These men and women have put themselves in harms way for us. I should have done a better job to come out and say thank you. You can read about the ride AND make a donation here. I did make a donation but really wish I could join the rides as well.

But to wrap this report on a high note, my monthly total for April of 775 miles is a personal one month record.


  1. Mike,
    Great job on the miles this month. Shooting for 1,000 + in May?

  2. 1000? No, just trying to stay ahead of you buddy! :-)

  3. Love the Wounded Warrior ride mate. My target for next year is the Big Battlefield Bike Ride in France in aid of Help for Heroes. I assume it's the British equivalent of your Wounded Warrior.

    Being an ex serviceman myself it's a charity I feel stongly about. That and still having mates serving in Afghanistan.

    Cracking mileage this month by the way! :-)

  4. Thanks Clive -

    It was good month in the saddle.

    I can't think of a more worthy endeavor than the Wounded Warrior or Help for Heroes and similar programs. These men and women pay a very tough price for their service. We must do all we can for them.