Sunday, April 18, 2010

Glad I Rode, but...

The highlight of the day was weighing in. Down 4 lbs!! But after inspecting the rear wheel I found that yesterday's pothole has left a dimple in the rear rim and knocked out of true. It's not clear to me if getting it trued up at BD Arnold will be enough or if it may have to be replaced. Obviously I'm able to ride, most of yesterday and all of today's ride, almost 60 miles since it occurred. But I can feel a slight, regular bump that suggests it's not just out of true but also out of round. Di$appointing.

I set out to ride around the river and immediately could feel the effects of yesterday's speedy pace. The legs were complaining as soon as I started pedaling. As I worked through the lactic acid in my legs I got to General's Hwy in Annapolis and realized I was in for a bit of slog in to the westerly winds. The payoff came when I turned down Benfield for the final few miles. Now I had the wind at my back for a quick finish.

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