Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tour de Carroll

I rode the Tour de Carroll 2010, a 100K charity event in Westminster, MD. I was riding with David Mumford, Keith Ward, Lisa Sears and Dave Waas. Keith, David M and I have known each other since our teens when we all went to high school and the Boy Scouts together. Lisa is a friend of Keith and his wife. Dave W is my uncle on Dad's side of the family.

We all arrived at the Dutterer Family Park early for check in and to get ourselves set, and rolled out about 7:40 just ahead of the "official" start at 8:00 am. The weather at the start was wonderful, sunny, cool in the 50's and little or no breeze. The forecast called for showers starting around noon so we set out hopping to enjoy the morning and finish before any weather moved in.

The first 20 miles to the food and rest stop at Stone Rd and Mayberry Rd were great. Clear blue skies through the rural farms of Carroll County. Plenty of rolling hills to get the heart rate up a little bit and make it a work out. At the rest stop we lingered a little enjoying the munchies and chatting with other riders.

After we got moving again the group got a little spread out. Dave, Dave and I paused when the route rejoined Stone Rd near mile 30 to re-group. I got the camera out to catch a couple of riding shots as Keith and Lisa went by. 2 min... 5 min... uh oh no Keith and Lisa. Of course Murphy's Law can't be broken. As soon as we lost sight of each other, Keith had a flat. After a little back tracking we found them. Then we busted the presta valve off of the first tube before getting it right. That was our only hiccup for the day.

By the second control at mile 46 in Taneytown we could see the clouds moving in from the West. So we kept that stop a little shorter and agreed that we would skip the last stop at mile 56 since it was only 6.5 miles short of the finish anyway. We did get one or two very light showers before we finished, but nothing to fret over. At the finish the ride organizers had lunch and deserts ready, and the park included a nice pavilion for riders to swap the usual post ride stories and exaggerations. Another great outing on the bike.

A final note about the pictures. My son Erik (age 6) made Flat Stanley with his first grade class. The kids then send Stanley out on some sort of adventure to have his picture taken along the way. Stanley's have been know to travel all over the globe by mail or stowed away in luggage. On this ride, Stanley tagged along with me, riding patiently in my cue sheet folder between photo ops. Some how Dave W ducked aside every time the camera came out and never made any of the shots. But he really was there.

At the finish!
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  1. Hope stanley enjoyed his " Tour de Carroll "
    I think Stanley is a great idea mate

  2. Yes, my son got a kick out of the pics. Now I think Stanley may travel by mail to some friends around the country for his next adventure.