Friday, May 28, 2010

Fixie FLAT Friday - ride map added

I met the usual suspects at 5:45 this AM at the Rusty Bridge for the Friday ride to Annapolis for breakfast. I think there were nine of us total. The storm last night left the trail a bit scattered with leaves, sticks, and other natural debris. Not a thick covering but enough to warrant a little attention as we rode. The temp was in the mid sixties and it was a bit humid.

Clint's rear wheel on his fixie was the first casualty at the intersection of the trail and Riggs Ave (1 block north of Evergreen). He's always well prepared and several sets of hands had it resolved in a few minutes. Then Jim K flatted the rear wheel on his fixie on Old County Rd just south of Round Bay Rd. Another few minutes' delay and we were underway again.

We reached Annapolis without further incident. Most of the group opted for Hard Bean for b'fast expecting faster service while I went to Chick N Ruth's to meet Doug, Dave, Charlie and Doug's brother-in-law. I was almost 20 min late by now and they had ordered but not been served. I got my omelet in record time, then me the others coming Main St just as I was walking out. No way to plan it that well, some things just out right so I got ride home with the group again, a bonus.

I also learned while at HB Clint had to change his front tube and managed to recruit a lady runner to complete the 3rd SPP team for upcoming Iron Man on the Eastern Shore this fall. Earl calls him an ambassador for SPP. That's an apt description, always encouraging others to join us for any and all types of biking activity.

We enjoyed a nice ride home and everyone is looking forward to a nice holiday weekend with lots of biking miles and family time. I left the Garmin at the house this morning. I'll add the map and stats this evening.

As promised, here is the ride map...

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