Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Ride to Breakfast In Annapolis

What a beautiful morning. Temps in the 60s low humidity and crystal clear. 8 riders met at the rusty bridge for the breakfast ride this morning. 6 of us continued on to Annapolis and 5 stayed for breakfast. Rod, Charlie and Doug joined us there. I really enjoy these Friday mornings, getting together with friends, some I've only met the last few months, others I've known since our teenage years and enjoying the time to catch up on life and give each other a hard time about anything we choose.

After breakfast we rode down to the dock to take a quick look at the Pride II docked in Annapolis. A beautiful ship. This shot caught the sun rays nicely. I would have loved nothing better to continue from there out to Bay Ridge and then around the river, but duty calls and I had to return home then to work.

BD Arnold really came through with the rear derailleur the other night. The primary problem was cable stretch, but they also adjusted the ratchet in the shifter. It seemed as smooth as silk this morning. All covered under the free tuneups policy for bikes purchased there.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Should be able to fit in a bike ride, and some kids sports tomorrow before I take Zach and Erik camping with the Cub Scouts. In a weak moment I volunteered to coordinate dinner. I thought I'd be cooking for 20. Guess again! We have 71 people RSVPed for dinner Saturday night. Should be a blast.

Then we'll come home early Sunday for Mom's Day!! Lots of fun planned.

Pride of Baltimore II Docked in Annapolis

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