Thursday, May 20, 2010

I miss my family, and my bike...

Still in Los Angeles on business. I'm not a big fan of business travel, but I am a big fan of my paycheck, so I do what's required. The trip is going well in that the client and I are meeting our own expectations for work accomplished during the meetings.

My wife Tivy is keeping everyone at home on track, as she always does. I'm looking forwarding to getting back home tomorrow evening to see them. I'm also way overdue to get back on the bike and start pedaling again.

Looks like this month won't come close to my 700+ miles in April. Chris and I are enjoying a friendly rivalry with our monthly totals. When one of us travels or takes time off for other reasons, you'd think it would open the door for the other to ride away, but it doesn't seem to happen that much with both of us posting remarkably similar totals so far this year. You can see the entire SPP's mileage challenge at


  1. It will be nice to have you back Mike. You missed a great ride this morning. See you at 6:00 on Saturday?

  2. I'm bummed that I missed it.

    If SW gets me home on time tonight, I should be there.