Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pasadena, Thomas Pt, Bay Ridge, and Ice Cream

I had a very full Sunday of biking. I set out at 7:00 am from home and met up as planned with my good friend Rod Luck on the B & A Trail. Rod was riding his mountain bike and this would be his first time on a bike this year, so we set a leisurely pace north up to the marsh at Jumpers' Hole. Along the way we saw several members of the SPP out on various rides by themselves or in small groups including Janet B, Clint and Sheri on their tandem, and Bennie.

At Jumpers' Hole we ignored the yellow security tape and actually went up the edge of the washed out section of trail. In six or so months since it occurred, I'd never gotten close enough to really see it. The damage is much deeper and more extensive than I had realized, probably at least 20 ft across and 6 feet deep. The county has piled some large stone rip rap in the cut, apparently to stabilize it and prevent further erosion. But it looks like it will be quite a project to properly repair it. The location affords an easy detour, so trail users aren't really inconvenienced. This coupled with the county's budget woes probably mean it will be a while before the repair is implemented.

After a couple of photos at the washout we turned back south and headed to the Big Bean for coffee and snacks. It's a great shop that backs right up to the trail. Rod and I had made a regular weekend habit of this last summer and fall. It was good to get out and do it again. Doug Corby rode by while we were sitting by the trail and stopped to visit.

Rod at the washout
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After coffee, I rode home with Rod to say "hi" to his inlaws and other family in town for cousin Myles' confirmation at church. Then I set out to get some more miles in for the day. I headed to downtown Annapolis first to see if any SPP riders might be lingering over a late snack at Aromi d'Italia or Hard Bean. Annapolis was teaming with people on the sunny day but I didn't find anyone I recognized and headed over the Spa Creek Bridge for Thomas Pt. Park.

At the park entrance I ran in to Jim Rupple. Jim was just coming out of the park as we stopped to say "hi". I'd never actually ridden in the park before, always turning back at the cul-de-sac that marks the park entrance. Jim agreed to come in with me and show me the ropes. I made it 50 yards on the hard pack path in the park and got a rear flat. With Jim's help we made fairly quick work of it and got a nice view of the Bay. I could see the sailing fleets mustered off of Thomas Point for the National Offshore One Design regatta (NOOD). I have a few sailing friends participating and at that hour it looked like they had good southerly winds.

Jim and I continued around Bay Ridge and more nice waterfront views. I took Jim up on his offer to follow him home and use his floor pump to firm up that tire before heading north for home. The short cut across the PALS ball fields and Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis included a few hundred yards of single track dirt trails, the LHT handled it well. Jim lives in the same Hunt Meadow neighborhood my folks live in so I headed over from Jim's house to say "hi" to Mom and Dad. They weren't expecting me and I wasn't even sure if they'd be home. Dad had already left for a business trip, and Mom was on her way out so it was a quick visit. Then I headed back home via downtown Annapolis once more.

53 miles on a warm sunny Sunday. I felt a little like a tourist with the leisurely pace, I got to enjoy some sightseeing in my own home town. It was fun.

Ice Cream
Later in the afternoon I headed back out with sons Zach (age 8) and Erik (age 6) to ride up the trail for ice cream. The boys really enjoy these short rides and so do I. I shot the video with my handheld while following Erik before the ice cream stop. His little legs just kept going and going. Looking at the fit, I think he's due for a new bike soon. On the way back after the ice cream, Zach took a small tumble and scraped his palm and elbow, but nothing serious.

Late Breaking News: As I was typing this up Sunday evening I got an email from fellow SPPer Dan Oldale. He set out to complete a 400K brevet with the PA Rand on Saturday. He reports that he suffered medical complications related to the heat about 175 mi in and was not able to finish, and that he is now home safe and sound. I'm very disappointed for him that he wasn't able to complete the ride and so glad to hear he is ok. He's a very strong rider and I know this will frustrate him terribly. His summary was brief and I'm sure he'll share more detail when he can. But it's disappointing to learn a friend experienced a set back.

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