Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sandy Point - Annapolis - Crofton

Met Chris at 6 at the Benfield Nursery. It was about 70 deg F, sunny, slightly muggy and winds were flat calm. We headed out to Sandy Point first, then down through St. Margaret's to downtown Annapolis. There a nice gentleman pulled up next to us by the Market House and complemented me on how well he could see my tail light. It's Dinotte 140 Lumen tail light, and it is bright. Think light house beacon. I got it after my accident in January when I was rear-ended. See the blog entry "CRASH" under the January, 2010 archive for details of the accident. Anyway I've become very conscious of a rider visibility as a factor in safety and it was reassuring to hear a driver offer unsolicited feedback that the light is providing exactly that.

After a quick stop downtown we headed up Main Street and out Rowe Blvd to Bestgate to General's Hwy and then made our way to Crofton. I'd never ridden down Waterbury Rd, Millersville Rd and St. Stephen's Church Rd to Crofton before. Beautiful farm country tucked in between General's Hwy, Defense Hwy and Route 3. Nice big homes. I'm still discovering local treasures on my bike even though I've lived in this area most of my life.

We had coffee at Caribou Coffee in the Shops at Waugh Chapel shopping center. Neat place, the whole thing looks like a country lodge on the inside. Good coffee and snacks. We lingered there a while on their outdoor patio and then finally made our way back to Severna Park.

A nice morning on the bike.

Look at those skinny riders, they must really be
putting in the miles and loosing some weight!

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