Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sandy Point, Bay Ridge, and Millersville

The weather forecast called for steady rain but I wanted to get a good long ride in this weekend after being out of town all week. It was too warm to wear rain gear, it would feel like a sauna inside. So I put on my wool jersey and nickers which would be a little warm for the low 60s on a clear day but I expected to ride wet. I was overdressed. The rain never came.

I rode out to Sandy Point, then down through Annapolis and around Bay Ridge. I really like neighborhood of Bay Ridge. The folks there have magnificent water front views of the Bay. Most clearly set their lawn and patio furnishings up to take advantage of that. With Adirondack chairs and brass fire pits adorning many yards on water side. The road around the perimeter of the point, leaves a bit of lawn between the road and the beach. The residents also take advantage of this arrangement with their boats pulled up on the beach and in front of their homes. It looks like a dream set up.

I took the shots below trying to capture how nice the Bay looks even on a gray day. But I'm not sure they really do it justice.

The Bay Bridge from Bay Ridge on a gray day.
Click the picture to see a slide show. | Click here to view the album.

After the ride I re-hydrated and then got on the scale. I wasn't surprised to see my weight up a couple of pounds. I ate like a pig while traveling. I think it's time to change my strategy for the weight loss. Clearly I've plateaued after the March and April miles didn't really take any weight off. I've lost 70 lbs just by riding a lot and just avoiding the most egregious eating habits. But nothing's really changed now for several months. I think I'll need to adopt a better diet that cuts the sweets and carbs to better complement the miles.

Late addendum.... Clint just posted his ride report from the 400K yesterday. Dan, Clint and Clif all three completed the 400K in under 20 hours vs a 27 hr time limit. They encountered showers yesterday evening before finishing but did not have to confront any gale winds or extreme temps. Congratulations guys!


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