Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Bagel Ride with the SPP

I slept in and missed the workout ride at 6:00. But I met the SPP for the bagel ride at 7:30. There was a great turnout, 15 or more riders at least. You couldn't ask for nicer morning. Since there is more to life than bicycles and sailboats (shocking I know), I couldn't linger with the club. I skipped breakfast once we arrived downtown and headed back home to take Erik to his baseball game.

The SPP gathering for weekly Saturday Bagel ride to Annapolis.
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  1. From a quick look at ure pics that food looks good mate

  2. It is wonderful food. Then we have to ride another 40 miles to work it all off!

  3. Some ride mate but worth it to eat such wonderful food