Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Bagel Ride

A nice leisurely ride downtown to Annapolis for coffee and gnash. Friend and neighbor Katie Phillips came out for the club ride. She's recently upgraded from a hybrid to a road bike while training for her next triathlon. While getting used to the new ride she's been asking for ideas and "how to" questions on use and maintenance of the new bike. I'm glad to "pay it forward" after so many in the SPP helped me through the same learning curve not that long ago.

I'm looking forward to the 200K tomorrow with Chris. We'll be Sailing Down to Solomon's from Crofton, RUSA permanent number 780. In February we rode this same route, our second 200K ride for each of us at the time. It took just a shade over 11 hrs then. Since then we've each tackled courses with significantly more climbing and we've each done at least one alone. The forecast looks very good and I'm hopeful we'll come in at 10 hrs or less.

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