Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sudley Rd, Annapolis and Bay Ridge - a great morning.

It was a great morning riding with friends.

I started at 6:00 with 5 others. This ride usually sets a brisk pace and tries to get a good workout before the more popular and more social 7:30 ride. Most of these are the same guys who ride the 5:45 weekday rides. This group rides hard to get fit and is great at reinforcing each other towards that goal. The pace is challenging but still respects the SPP "no drop" policy. We had a great time, just over 25 miles at a 17+ mph average pace. We stopped at Java Diva's for coffee and a gawk then met the larger 7:30 ride at the Rusty Bridge.

Commuting to work with Chris or alone is great for me. Getting my heart rate up twice per day is refreshing and mentally cleansing but at the cost of missing this ride most of the week. I always catch it on Friday's when we head to Annapolis but that's not as focused on a workout. A hard workout with a group of like minded friends is simply fun. I'm riding stronger and faster these days specifically because I ride with the SPP club so much and have learned so much from them.

At 7:30 we mustered with nearly 20 others for the ride to Annapolis. Also FUN! Parice was just back from her tour of Italy and reported she had a great time on a supported tour through the Alps and some lower countryside. I hope she publishes lots of pics and a detailed narrative, it sounds like a wonderful trip. Everyone has holiday weekend plans, visiting relatives, or going to visit relatives or projects at home. But first we all took time to ride a few miles and share breakfast in Annapolis. It's a fun group tradition that I enjoy every week when I'm able to participate.

Some riders headed straight home after breakfast, and the rest of us rode the loop around Bay Ridge first. I've noted before how much I like this neighborhood and enjoy riding through there, simply beautiful waterfront homes.

The last bonus was running in to Chris again at the Farmers' Market with his fiance Bev. It's only a mile from home. Chris had left after breakfast but instead of going straight home he went to the Market with Bev and was actually watching for me when I came by. We had a nice visit over coffee and a scone.

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