Friday, May 14, 2010

Too many days off!

I'm a bit hacked with myself. There was no good reason NOT to ride to work yesterday. I let tight deadlines on the job convince me I didn't have time to ride in, had to jump in the truck and rush in so that extra hour could solve all of the project time pressures. It didn't. A clear head from the pedal in would have contributed at least as much if not more than the extra hour did.

Today's ride was delightful. 9 of us set out for the Friday breakfast ride. 7 rode all the way to Annapolis and 5 stayed for breakfast, plus Doug and Dave who met us there. Felt great to get the legs and heart pumping again.

Next week I'm traveling quite a bit and will lose more riding days while I'm on the road, ugh. But that's the job and business is picking up. So I'll enjoy my weekend rides, including a 200K planned for Sunday, then of to California for a few days.


  1. Ahh, that'd be the inner wimp then. Good to know it's not just me. Your lean mean fighting machine persona wins more often than not though...

  2. Indeed. I just have to remember that the next time I think I'm too busy to ride...

  3. I've not yet used the car when I could have ridden but until last week, I was sharing some of the journey with the train. I reckon I might chicken out in the winter though!