Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend Rides

Wow, the weekend just flew by. Now it's over, just in time for Monday!

I did manage to get on the bike for a few miles. Saturday I opted to sleep in and did not make the 6:00 ride. On the way to the 7:30 rendezvous I stopped after only a mile to pull a piece of glass out of the front tire and replace the tube. Bennie stopped to help and visit for a minute. I caught the 7:30 riders at Robinson Rd.

Attendance we lower than usual. Several riders were out of town participating in brevets and the forecast called for showers Saturday morning. The wind was strong, right in our faces as we crossed Naval Academy Bridge towards Annapolis. But we never did see the rain.

We opted for a quick bite at Hard Bean, then Chris and I left the group downtown to return to family. I was off to Zach's lacrosse game and Chris was planning to meet his fiance at the farmer's market.


After sports, camping with the Cub Scouts (I'll post a separate entry on that one) and church for Mom's Day, I got another short ride in Sunday afternoon. I went out to Sandy Point in much stronger winds than we saw Saturday.

With the wind at my back I flew down the service road on the way to Sandy Point State Park. It was invigorating to hold 20+ mph for such a long stretch. Then the work out started as I crossed over Rt 50 and reversed course towards St. Margaret's Rd.

After I turned out of the breeze at St. Margaret's Rd. the rest of the route was sheltered enough that I never encountered the strong gusts again.

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