Saturday, June 12, 2010

Abby Sunderland has been rescued.

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Abby has been rescued.

Abby was picked up by a French fishing boat with the Australians providing air support to guide the rescue vessel to her location. When they got close the fishing vessel Ile De La Reunion sent a small boat across to retrieve Abby from her broken sailboat.

All reports are she is doing well. It's not clear how she'll get home. The Ile De La Reunion will want to get back to fishing and a 2000 mile side trip to drop her in Australia would be very expensive. Now that she's out of harms way, that seems unlikely. A transfer to a freighter or other vessel already transiting through the are is more likely but those details are still being worked out. I'm sure her family must be thrilled.

It's good to see a happy ending here. To the Australian and French professionals involved... "BZ"!

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