Friday, June 18, 2010

A Great Day for Riding

Wow, what a nice day to be out on a bike! Started out from home just before sunrise to meet the 5:45 riders. It actually felt a little cool, temp about 60 with low humidity. I loaded up the pannier and carried it along so I could ride straight from breakfast in Annapolis to work.

Clint and Sherri were there on the their tandem. Earl, Dave P, Evan, Chip and me rounded out the group. When I shared my plan to go from Annapolis all the way to work near BWI, Earl volunteered to accompany me. He had planned to keep riding after breakfast anyway, his plan was to ride 100 miles on the day! It would be his first century ride.

The ride to Annapolis was a steady pace just under 17 mph and it felt great. The group split once we got downtown. Earl and I continued to Chick N Ruth's where we met my other friends Rodney, Keith and Dave for breakfast. The rest of the riders opted for the Big Bean and a slightly lighter breakfast.

We enjoyed a nice breakfast and then it was time for Earl and I to head back out. We had a great ride to the Airport loop. At Andover road we parted company Earl continued around the Airport loop and I split off towards my office. Earl later confirmed by email that he hit his 100 mile goal. I'm sure he'll write about it on his blog.

The evening ride was still sporting great weather, clear, humidity less than 50% and temps in the low 80's. It was a good day on the bike.

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