Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hat Trick!!

That's right, I got 3 Flats in the course of one day commuting to work and back! To be fair, the first one cut the tire and the second two were due to inadequate repair of the tire until I finally made it to Bike Doctor for a new tire. Not sure what I hit this morning on the way in, but I was on the BWI trail about 4 miles from the office when I sliced a quarter inch out of the side of the tire. I heard the clank of metal and was instantly on the rim.

I cut a section of the old tube and lay it in beside the new tube to try to offer a little reinforcement. That got me to the office but I could see a bubble forming from the side of the cut.

I thought if I rode gently I might make it home. FAIL! I made it three miles and installed my last tube. This time I reinforced with a dollar bill AND a strip of inner tube. It looked good, no bubble. 3 more miles.

I'm out of tubes now and break out the patch kit. Patch the tube, patch the inside of the tire and another dollar bill for good measure. I figured if this failed I'd call for the SAG van and accept the ride of shame. Fortunately that held the last 10 miles or so to Bike Doctor and home.

If there was a silver lining it was the many offers of help on the trail. It was beautiful afternoon and there were a LOT of bikers riding the BWI loop. Many of them asked if I was okay or offered to assist. Fortunately I had what I needed to be self sufficient, even if I wasn't bright enough to recognize when to use it until my repairs kept failing.

At BD Arnold I picked up a new tire, 3 tubes and ordered a new seat post. Hopefully the seat post will make it before the next permanent ride Saturday night. BD thinks it will be in Thursday. The old one has a tough time adjusting the angle fore and aft and I've just loss patience messing with it.

Here's a shot of the that bubble I shouldn't have trusted. I took this at the office before setting out for home. I'm glad I wasn't riding with the SPP and didn't hold anyone else up. On the other hand if I had I probably would have gotten a little schooling on tire repair instead of figuring it out the hard way.


  1. Haha! The puncture fairy has relatives across the pond!

  2. Oh yes, and they were after me yesterday with fierce determination!

  3. I guess I'll not complain about flats any more. Your hat trick trumps my sorry stories.

  4. I think the only one who "wins" that contest is the rider who avoids playing the game!