Thursday, June 17, 2010

I lost a friend today and other eventful activities.

It was a very eventful day today. This morning's ride to work I had no zip. It took a lot of will power just to get my a$$ on to the bike saddle.

I hit the RB just as the SPP 5:45ers were mustering for the morning ride. It was nice to stop and say hi before I continued north while they went zipping south. Passing through Glen Burnie I ran in to Brandon Hoyt, one of my partners on the Gettysburgh ride earlier this month. He was on his commute to Ft Meade. We rode together for a couple of miles down the connector until we had to go different directions around the BWI loop. It was good to see him too.

At work we finally brought some order to our runaway project. Nice to see light at the end of that tunnel.

Between phone calls and project reports I also checked in on the progress of the RAAM. You can follow it here: I was disappointed earlier this week when Team4Mil had to drop out after their support vehicle ran off the road and overturned with 4 riders on board. But today the excitement was solo rider Rick Carpenter. He reached the Missippi River control point today apparently with only minutes to spare before being disqualified. Amazing story all reported here

Finally I learned this evening that an old friend had passed away. CDR Jeffrey Whetman, USNR, USNA c/o 1990 died last fall of melanoma. We were roommates our youngster (sophomore) year at the US Naval Academy. Jeff started with me at the US Naval Academy with the c/o 1988 and we made quite the odd couple together our youngster year. Free from being plebes the sophomores have little supervisory responsibility and enjoy a year of just being students before taking on bigger leadership roles. I was a bit of a rebel always trying to see what I could get away with while Jeff was the strait arrow.

Jeff left the academy at the end of our sophomore year to spend two years on a church mission with LDS. There were no guarantees the Academy would let him back in. But he went anyway to perform a duty to his church and confident that things would work out. They did. He was accepted for re-admission to the Academy and eventually served as a regimental commander his 1st class year.

We held swords at each others' weddings but gradually lost touch over the years. I learned this evening from another classmate that Jeff died last October in Orlando. He left a wife and 3 children. RIP old friend.


  1. Sorry for your loss mate. It always hurts when comrades take that final parade. Been there done that got the T shirt.

    I hope you can make the funeral or memorial, tough in a country as big as yours I know, then you can throw him one up one last time and have a beer for him.

  2. Thanks Clive, yes very sudden to hear about it. We're not old enough to start loosing our peers yet.

  3. Sorry to hear that Mike. It shows how short the life we have is and we should make the most of every day we have.

  4. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.