Thursday, June 10, 2010

Misc Thoughts

Thoughts and prayers go out for Abby Sunderland age 16 of California attempting a solo circumnavigation by sailboat. Her EPIRB was activated manually in southern Indian Ocean over 2000 miles from any known help. A search is underway.
more detail here

I congratulated Jessica Watson of Australia several weeks ago. Jessica is about the same age as Abby and and completed her trip successfully. But I noted at the time that I agreed with the sanctioning bodies who stopped recognizing "youngest" person categories for such trips out of fear they would encourage ever younger children to attempt such a journey.

If Abby is found alive it will be a testament to her seamanship and perhaps divine guidance of those looking for her. Our world depends on the sea lanes for commerce and sustenance. Thousands of years of law and tradition demand that all possible effort be made to find and assist her or anyone in trouble at sea. I wouldn't have it any other way. Tonight I will join her family and other mariners around the world and will recite the The Navy Hymn "Oh hear us when we cry to thee, for those in peril on the sea!" for Abby's safety.

But inevitably where will be a critique of the risk to the searchers and expense in public funds to several nations involved in looking for her. Don't look for me among those defending the wisdom of making the voyage in the first place.

On a much happier note... friend Chris Lane reports he has completed his R-6 ride successfully from Princeton to Belmar, NJ and back. Due to schedule conflicts he couldn't join us Sunday when I did my 6th ride so he set out on his own today. says he should have had great weather and his brief texts from a couple of stops along the way indicated it was smooth sailing. I look forward to seeing his ride report, probably some time tomorrow. We're both half way to our R-12 awards and remarkably even in our informal competition for most miles ridden this year.

Work has kept me off the bike the last couple of days. The project is not done yet and I will have to skip the usual breakfast in Annapolis tomorrow but plan to bike in rather than drive to keep plugging away at it.

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  1. Hope the young lady is found safe and well, I'm not a sailor in any shape or form, especially coming from a place about as far away from the sea in England as it's possible to get. But we do share the same belief that every effort must be made to bring your own back no matter what.

    Perhaps that's the result of our previous lives, or maybe just common human decency.