Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Ride to Annapolis

Met five others from the SPP for a ride to Annapolis for a bagel and coffee. Attendance was a little down from normal Saturday morning rides. Several regulars are off to ride a 600K event with DC Rand, and others had guests or plans that kept them home.

We had an uneventful ride and took it at an easy pace. I was glad not to feel anyone wanted to push it today as I have the 200K tomorrow and a lot to accomplish this afternoon before I can go.

Also caught son Erik's (age 6) baseball game after the ride. He got 3 hits off of the coach pitches and didn't have to use the T at all!! Great job Erik!

Ride details below....

Late addition..... I forgot to note that I tried the "ice sock" this morning. Stuff a bunch of ice cubes in a long sock, tie it closed, and drape it over your neck under your jersey on a hot day to help stay cool. The melting water runs down your back.

Very refreshing. In dry heat with low humidity it would be ideal. With our muggy summer weather, the damp jersey never really dries. I will take a sock along tomorrow and probably use it when the heat of the day hits it's worst which will also probably coincide with the last couple of hours of the ride.


  1. Good luck on the 200k tomorrow. Ride safe, stay hydrated and cool. Congrats to Erik. Call the O's, I hear they need some serious help!

  2. Thanks Chris, wish you were coming with us. You should these kids. Its remarkable how much they've all improved this season.