Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Brisk Pace to Ocean City and Back

My uncle Dave Waas and I set out at 6:30 to ride down to Ocean City and back. It's flat here. Really flat, and as a result we set a pretty zippy pace. We also got lucky and had light wind in our face on the way down, which meant a light tailwind on the way back.

We stopped for a muffin and juice at Dunkin' Donuts in OC then rode back even faster. A great way to start a day at the beach.

The plans were changed and due to a variety of conflicts with golf games and dads wanting time with their kids on the beach, the brew tour this afternoon won't happen. I'm not too sad about this. The ride would be fun and we may try again next week, but I get to go to the beach instead and I've already got 57 miles in the books.

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  1. My jealousy is increasing. 58 miles along the water. Sounds beautiful!