Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Epic 10 Mile Ride

The girls have left our vacation home to go to their summer camp with the church. Tivy took Justin, Zach and Justin's friend Sam to Rehoboth for a day of ocean surf and boardwalk walk "fun". That left me alone for the day with youngest son Erik (age 7). Erik got a new bike for his birthday, which coincidentally was the first day of our vacation here in Lewes. So he's been very excited for any chance to ride it. We set out on an epic adventure to explore the town and all it has to offer.

Our first stop was Cape Henlopen State Park. There we found the open watch tower that is still accessible to climb. These towers were built during WWII to watch for German Submarines attempting to enter Delaware Bay and attack the port of Philadelphia. They were the eyes for a string of artillery batteries that were also placed along the coast. One tower in the park is accessible to the public and offers a spectacular view of the coast line, the point of land that is Cape Henlopen and the surrounding area.

Next was the Dairy Queen for lunch and a snack. I didn't really think a 7 year old belly could hold an entire Chocolate Brownie - Oreo Cookie Earthquake, but Erik proved me wrong.

Then it was on to the Roosevelt Inlet at the other end of the island to see the boats coming and going. Finally we returned to the beach house and then rejoined the cousins and friends on the beach. It was a great day.

From Dad and Erik 7/28/2010

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