Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I took yesterday off of the bike. Instead I took the two younger boys, Zach and Erik, crabbing with my father. We caught a half dozen. Just enough to steam up and teach the boys how to pick them. The hot, humid weather finally cracked and it was quite pleasant while were on the boat and later on the beach.


Today Dave Boezi and I went to OC and back again with the specific goal of improving on our speed from Sunday's ride. We nailed it and then some. I didn't really think I had that kind of speed in me. But we averaged 20.8 mph rolling speed for the round trip and only stopped for about 5 min when we turned around to grab a gatorade.

I consistently saw my heart rate come up a few clicks when I was pulling, and drop back down when I was drafting. Remarkable really that such a simple technique has such a dramatic impact. Before we separated after the ride we agreed tomorrow will be a recover day, probably on 25 miles or less.

Another surprise today was seeing fellow SPPer Bob Chaison riding south along Rt. 1. I didn't recognize him when we passed him and his riding partner. But I was wearing my SPP kit so he easily recognized me caught us in short order to say hello. Small world, meeting a friend on the road a 100 miles from home.

The weather has also started out just gorgeous today with the temps moderate and the humidity low, very pleasant. After the ride I went straight to the beach for a dip to cool off. Life on vacation is very very good.


  1. Glad to see you are enjoying the vacation AND riding too. Can't wait to come and visit with you and Tivy and family. Bev

  2. Sounds a wonderful holiday mate, enjoy!

  3. One more ride and you've got your 1000 miles this month. Pedal on!