Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Breakfast Ride - MUGGY

Another very muggy morning. Six of us met at the Rusty Bridge at 5:45. We got a bit more strung out than usual. We don't always hit the Round Bay hill on Friday's but we did today. I didn't push it up the hill. I told myself I was saving my legs for tomorrow but I also think I was just struggling with heat, lack of sleep, lack of motivation, etc. I've also been eating like a pig lately and my weight is creeping back up. So poor diet could be a contributor.

After the hill, Dave P got a flat just before he would have dropped us to turn back around. He assured us he had it under control so we went on. Then there was another stop to rescue a turtle.

When we got downtown, Dave M and I went to C&R and met Doug, Doug, Allen G, and Allen's son Zach. Breakfast was nice and seeing Allen and Zach was fun.

But I'm excited about the upcoming activity. Tomorrow's permanent to Solomon's should be fun, even with a forecast of intermittent showers. I'm also looking forward to riding to the beach to start my vacation next week.

News from Chip, Clint and Clif (the 3 C's) at the 1000K Lap Around the Lake has been good so far. Their mid day progress was a little slower today due to weather and probably some fatigue, but I'm hopeful it's going well for them and looking forward to hear another report tonight that they're at or past 3/4 done and still felling fit.

Chris will clip in for Day One of his big ride for Diabetes tomorrow so here's wishing him fair weather and a tail wind.

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