Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lewes to OC - 1000 Miles in July

A lot got packed in to this morning. I set out with Dave Boezi again to see if we could match or even beat our zippy ride to OC on Tuesday. We couldn't. Well I couldn't. I'm not sure that Dave might have managed it if he wasn't pulling up to wait for me. The headwind on the way south was just a bit too much and I really flogged my legs trying to pull my share. We were looking forward to the return leg with a tail wind and after a quick stop for Gatorade we set a very hard pace northbound.

But I just couldn't hold it. Remarkable how far I've come that I can finish a 55 mile ride at 19.5 mph average rolling speed and feel slightly disappointed with my performance. That puts me over the top for 1000 miles this month, also a goal that feels remarkable to even consider, compared to my fitness level a year ago.

On return to Lewes I saw my wife and mother talking on the street. I stopped to join them and learned my father had checked himself in to the local hospital overnight with pneumonia. He was diagnosed with CLL around Christmas last year. This is a less aggressive form of Leukemia and after 6 months of monitoring the docs have concluded that it's not getting any worse and they are not actively treating it, but simply monitoring an array of blood parameters every couple of months, ready to pounce if things turn worse and he's generally been doing quite well.

But the CLL does compromise his immune system. The last few weeks he's had a nagging cough and it's been getting worse not better. So he did the right thing to get it checked and he'll be on a heavy dose of antibiotics the next few days.

I'm off to go see him now.


  1. Congratulations on 1K miles in July! You and Chris are neck to neck in the running for the monthly high miles for SPP!