Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lewes - Georgetown - Milton - HOT!

It's Saturday at the beach which means very heavy traffic on the beach roads. It was also forecast to be very hot today. So I planned to ride inland at 5:00 am this morning to avoid traffic and beat the heat. The best laid plans.....

Well last night happy hour on the beach lasted much, much later than planned and I along with my brother and several others of the family got very happy while we were there. So my 5 am start was delayed a bit by the after affects of the demon rum. Fortunately such excesses are now a rare occurrence.

As penance I pushed myself to ride anyway and suffer the heat after taking enough fluids to make sure I started out well hydrated. I stuck to the planned route and rode about 40 miles from Lewes to Georgetown then to Milton and finally back to Lewes. As soon as I was clear of the coastal highway the roads were deserted and the countryside bright and beautiful, but very hot. It's mostly farm land so very few stretches of road are shaded by any trees.

One of the lessons from last Saturday was never to pass up a chance to top off the water bottles while traveling across rural countryside so I stopped in G'town and again in Milton to do just that. At the end of 40 miles the combination of the late night, the heat, and westerly headwind I had for the first half of the ride did me in. I couldn't have done much more. But I'm glad I rode anyway and now, several hours later, I feel great.


  1. I opened my front door, felt the heat and said screw it. Good on ya for sticking to it!

  2. Ahh, PT drink pennance, I remember it well! Good effort there Mike!

  3. Saturday in B'more, I decided to do a BBC "Casual" ride. We averaged 10 mph--LOL! My heart rate averaged 87 beats per minute--LOL!!!