Monday, July 12, 2010

Not my routine commute

I set out this morning with a forecast of clear skies all day and expecting a routine round trip. Well that's not quite how it worked out...

Riding in was pretty routine until I was turning in to the office parking lot. That pot hole has been there for months and I've been avoiding it just fine all this time. As I approach the office I'm coming down hill and usually have some speed on, but the entrance to the lot allows me plenty of maneuvering room. I've steered around that same hole dozens of times. But I guess I was distracted or something because I dragged the rear wheel right over it as I made the turn at about 18 mph. Followed immediately by the telltale hiss from a rotating tire. I took it in to the office and changed it there.

Fast forward to 4:30 pm and the lightening, thunder, wind and rain put on quite a show. But weather radar is a remarkable advancement. It showed I'd have about a 90 minute gap beginning at 5:30. That worked out fine. The roads were wet but I only hit one very brief shower the whole way home.


  1. You see? I knew there was only one puncture fairy. I don't get any because she's obviously flitted across the pond to bug you fellers!

    Good, she can stay there! ;-)

  2. No no, you can have her back. We're quite through with her now.

  3. Haha, you are a braver man than I. I saw this week's weather forecast and decided to not even attempt a bike into work.

  4. Also, do you like riding with the SP Peloton? I was considering joining, but not sure how many group rides I can make.

  5. Stout -

    Yes I really enjoy riding with SPP. They are a great group of folks. I've learned a lot, stretched my horizons a bit further than I likely would have on my own and made several new friends.

    Don't worry about how many miles you can or cannot ride with us. There's no minimum commitment and no fee to join. Come ride with us one Saturday and join the mailing list to keep up with the rides both big ones planned way in advance and ad-hoc 20 milers that often come together at that last minute.

    Hope to meet you in person soon.


  6. Sounds like a good group, especially after reading you post about a great morning with them. The rusty bridge, is that the East West bridge? If so, I might meet up with the Friday 6:15 group tomorrow and ride down to the end with them then continue on to work (I work on the northern side of Annapolis). Do you have any idea what pace that group is? I'm not sure if I would be able to get to work on time.

  7. Yes the Rusty Bridge or RB is the trail bridge over East West. Most rides start there or at the the Ranger Station.

    I haven't ridden with the 6:15 group and I'm not sure how well attended it is or the pace they set.

    I routinely meet the 5:45 group on Friday mornings and many of us continue to Annapolis for breakfast. Some of us go to Chick n Ruths, others to Hard Bean if they want a quick b'fast. On Fridays the 5:45 group backs off to about 16 mph. They tend to hammer pretty hard the rest of the week. But I commute by bike to BWI the rest of the week instead of huffing and puffing to keep up with 'em.

    The Saturday 7:30 ride tends to be a very sociable event with breakfast in Annapolis too. That will be a more leisurely at 14 - 15 mph. All rides are "no drop" and the group will adjust as needed. That doesn't mean they won't ride ahead and push you a bit, but they'll back off before leaving anyone all alone.