Sunday, July 4, 2010

Round the River - A great start to Independence Day

Met Chris at 7 for an Independence Day ride around the Severn River. Being the wild guys that we are, we went in reverse. After riding the same route clockwise for months, we rode it counter clockwise. I know, we should be careful about such radical adjustments on the spur of the moment, but we're rebels, what can I say.

When we got to downtown Annapolis, the crowds were already out and about enjoying the beautiful day down on the waterfront. Pretty sure we saw Janet B ride through as we were waiting in line at City Dock coffee for our order.

As we left downtown we unfortunately met one driver who was definitely NOT in the holiday spirit. We were riding up Pinkney St, one of Annapolis' narrow cobble stone streets towards State Circle. Cars are parked on both sides and without a biker to pass, no responsible driver could pass at more than 12 - 15 mph or risk breaking mirrors on his own or parked vehicles. At 13 mph on the bikes apparently we were holding him up. He hit a loud continuous blast on his horn then told us if he hit it us, it would be our fault. Chris tried to school him in the traffic laws but he didn't seem to be taking very good notes.

Climbing up St Margret's Rd and then out to Sandy Point was quite pleasant. A long line of cars was also waiting to enter the park for a nice holiday at the beach there. Lots of folks getting in to the spirit of the day.

After a quick stop along College Parkway to replace my front tube we wrapped up our ride. Another nice morning, despite the A$$h**e driver downtown.


  1. The British are coming! The British are coming!

    Happy 4th of July mate!

    Drivers, what you can you do?

  2. Most drivers in our area or cordial, but this guy was a real jerk.