Thursday, July 15, 2010

Safety First / Dude - Read the Rules

Let's start with a safety note....

Sailing last night was a pleasure to be out on the water. A moderate northerly breeze about 9 - 10 kts made for a downwind start in pleasant conditions. It's enough breeze that we had pressure on the sails and the short course made for frequent sail changes and challenging maneuvers. It was fun and the weather was pleasant. It's easy to forget that the pressure on those sails is sufficient to accelerate several thousand pounds of boat through the water. When the boom comes across the deck, it WILL push anyone in it's path.

On Diamond we had a very good night. All sail changes were smooth, we avoided the dead spot in the wind and took second place in our class. But friend Jim U. on another boat was not so fortunate. Standing on deck, he was pushed by the gybing boom until he fell through an open hatch. His arm is very badly broken in several places and will require extensive surgery to pin it all back together. These were not especially challenging conditions. Jim and his crew are experienced and diligent sailors. But in a moment when things were busy a routine maneuver turned in to a very nasty accident. It could have been any of us. Constant attention on a boat, a bike or even walking next to a busy street is always the rule.

Get well soon Jim, we want to see you back on the water.

The ride to work was uneventful. But the ride home was was very disturbing. Bikers should really be familiar with the rules. In particular Rule 14. Guys, the lycra shorts really need to be black. But the goofball who turned on to the trail right in front me this afternoon was wearing white shorts. There's no way to delicately describe this on a family blog. Imagine a wet t-shirt taught across a guy's ass. I stopped and let him get a big lead ahead of me.

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  1. You#re definitely right about the cycling shorts!