Friday, July 23, 2010

Sunrise with my sons / Lewes to OC

Yesterday I took my two youngest boys: Erik age 7 and Zach age 9 on a short ride to see the sunrise from the local state park. Got them moving before sunup and we set an easy pace for short legs to to park about 3 miles away. Cape Henlopen State Park was the former setting of Fort Miles in WWII and some of the coastal defenses and observation towers are used to watch for submarines are still in place. I had planned to climb one of the towers with the boys to watch the sunrise but didn't do my home work and we rode to the wrong one, it's not open for access. So we found a nice perch in the dunes and watched the sun come up from there. Great fun.

The rest of the day was full of water sports and beach fun. These two were walking zombies when we put them to bed last night. A sure sign of a good vacation.


This morning I set out alone about 6:30 this morning to ride the round trip to Ocean City and back. Yes I just did that route two days ago with Dave Waas but the route is scenic and provides a nice distance with a steady workout if you keep moving. I'd tried to reach Dave by text last night before I turned in to see if he wanted to join me but we didn't connect.

So I made my way to the MD line and stopped at the Dunkin Donuts for a juice and a snack. As I was pulling out after my snack, here comes Dave. He'd been 15 min behind me the whole way. We rode back together at a nice clip.

At 804 miles this month I'm now in to new territory with a record number of miles for a single month, and I still have a week to go. 1000 seems with in reach for the month.

Now for more beach fun.


  1. 8 miles for your young ones, good on them! Bet it was scenic too!
    806 miles in a month. You are insane. Good luck on reaching the 1k! And geez, your average heart rate is so freaking low.

  2. Congrats on the new milestone for distance in a month! You are an inspiration. Missed you this morning. Nice ride to Annapolis and breakfast. I got in 100 k.

  3. I love the elevation profile in the Garmin data. Are those spikes speed bumps or twigs in the road that your ran over?

    Nice to ride with the youngsters. Emily is here this weekend and I will try to get her out on the bike. A trip to Rita's may be just the motivation she needs!

    Enjoy your vacation.

  4. Overpasses crossing the canals and creeks in the area. Otherwise, it's so flat, my tail light can be seen for over 5 miles!