Saturday, July 3, 2010

What a great morning riding with the SPP

A great morning riding with the SPP. The weather was near perfect. I started out meeting 6 others at 6 am for zippy workout around Pasadena. This wrapped as usual at Java Divas for a quick shot of caffeine served by one of the stunning young ladies that runs the joint.

From there we met a larger group at the Rusty Bridge for the breakfast ride to Annapolis. I think I counted 18 of us setting out from there. The trail was quite crowded with all manner of bikers, walkers, runners and dog walkers enjoying the delightful morning. It's nice to see so many people getting out and about.

One reason I enjoy riding with the SPP is how accommodating it is for riders of all skill and fitness levels and even of various family schedules. Throughout the morning different riders joined or left the group as it suited their plans for the day. Of the 18 who set out for Annapolis, about 10 of us ate breakfast together at Aromi de Italia. A few others peeled off for other eateries downtown and still others skipped breakfast to rejoin family for the holiday weekend.

After breakfast about 12 were still together for a lap around Bay Ridge. I always enjoy a loop through that community. The homes and views are truly magnificent. Today was even better than usual as the low humidity meant no haze and a crystal clear view across the Bay.

Finally we were down to 7 riders heading to Crownsville and little bit or fun in rolling hills south of General's Highway.

I'm so glad I met this group and have the opportunity to ride with them frequently. I've made a few close friends, always enjoy the company on these rides and ride further, faster, and stronger than I could hope to if left to my resources.


  1. Overachiever!!! I really wish I could have stayed with the group this morning. What a GREAT day to be on the bike. I did accomplish a lot at the house, and Bev is happy... which means that everybody is happy!

  2. Me thinks we're both going to enjoy a high mileage month in July.

    Remember, if momma ain't happy, nobody's happy. But if momma's happy, everybody can be happy.