Thursday, August 26, 2010

6 kids really can move in 12 directions at once

Life off of the bike is always busy with 6 kids. This week even more so as they all resume school. Taylor, our oldest, departs with my wife Tivy for Elon University in North Carolina today, a bitter sweet milestone. She's transferring in with almost two full years of credit after finishing her AA degree at the Community College.

I'm working today to conserve vacation time and will fly down to Raliegh, NC this evening to meet them. Tomorrow and Saturday have a full agenda of both student and parent orientation programs on campus. We're looking forward to it and expect a fun and exciting weekend. Then Tivy and I will drive home. So one car has to go to NC.

But that leaves 5 kids home with busy schedules of their own. Justin, oldest son and number 2 child is a senior in high school and will also take an advanced calculus class at the community college while finishing high school at the same time. So he needs a car to commute back and forth between home and both schools. (We'll save the discussion of kids and bike commuting for another time).

Dad was going to use a car for work, leave it at the office (1 mile from Airport) and fly out tonight. But one vehicle fell ill and suddenly we're short. So Dad had to give up the keys and bike in. Poor me. Sunny, temps in the 60s. But someone had to sacrifice.

The Puncture Fairy paid a visit as I crossed over the interstate highway on Stewart Ave. Otherwise it really was a delightful ride.

So I've ridden one way to work after a little careful planning to make sure all of right clothing and luggage made it aboard the college bound vehicle for the weekend.

I'll sort out how to fetch the bike after we get back to town. Have a great weekend everybody.


  1. Grats to the kids! Let me know if you need any help to get the bike back. I'd be more than happy to give you a lift up to the airport.

  2. Thanks for the offer. I suspect I'll just have my son run me up Sunday morning and start my ride for the day from the office, then end at home. But if that plan falls short, I may reach out.

  3. I can give you a ride to work on Monday morning. I will catch the train from BWI into DC. Let me know.

  4. Busy busy busy! Whay are we always busy? Is it life or poor organisation? I've never quite gripped that particular conundrum.

    Have a good one Mike!