Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another new route today

I continued my experiment today looking for an all road route suitable for day and night and all weather use when the trail might become impassible this winter and will certainly be legally off limits in the dark. Not that I won't ride it in the dark, I just feel I needed to be better familiar with options if the police decide to enforce the rules.

So today I crossed I-97 by way of Brightview Rd and then crossed MD 100 on W B & A rd. This required a short ride on Benfield Blvd then working my way north to Brightview in the morning. Those neighborhoods between Benfield and Brightview are great riding. The road surfaces are good, there's ample room for cars and bikes, and light traffic.

However the choices I made to get across New Cut and Quarterfield roads this morning were poor. On each I made a right turn on to the road in question and then had to worry about traffic from behind as I made a left turn to get off. Had to find a better way. Here's the "bad" route from this morning.

So for the evening ride home I continued a little further south on W B & A then crossed Quarterfield Rd at Thompson Rd. This worked much better. I crossed Quarterfield rather than riding on it, and on New Cut I now made a left turn on to New Cut and right turn off of it. Much better combination. Also this short zig occurs further from I-97 and the associated congestion. This version of the route holds promise. I can push harder on my pace without worrying competing with the pedestrians for pavement space like I have to on the trail The result is a few extra miles in about the same time as taking the trail.

Here's the "good" version of the Brightview Road route.

In the event that the trail around the airport becomes impassable due to ice / snow the roads in the immediate area of the airport will still be problematic but I think I can manage them. So I'll try this Brightview Rd route a few more times at different times of day and may poke around the neighborhoods in question a bit to see if there are better ways around the block, but my first impression is that this is a winner.

Final note for those keeping track of mileage numbers. I forgot to update the tally last night. So the numbers may appear to make a bigger jump than the maps above would justify.

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