Thursday, August 5, 2010


Chris Lane and I rode to work together Tuesday and again on the way home. It was fun to ride together. One or the other of us has been out of town most of the month of July so this was the first time on the bikes together in quite some time. Nothing really remarkable about the ride itself. It was a bit hot and muggy.

Wednesday I took the day off of the bike

Today I rode in by myself. I got a very late start and the pace was leisurely in both directions. The ride home included a light drizzle, but I dodged the thunderstorms, tornado warnings and other dire weather bashing around the region this evening. The picture of the day shows one man's solution to riding in the rain. The garmin tracks are available on the Garmin Connect link on the left but since the route doesn't change much, I didn't embed them here this this time.

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