Monday, August 30, 2010

A different route to work

Broke off of the trail at Elvaton and followed Elvaton to Oakwood to Aquaheart to Stewart. Recently I was chastised by AA County PD for riding the trail after dark. Last winter the trail was impassable for nearly 8 weeks due to snow and ice. So I thought it was prudent to use the remaining nice weather and daylight to get more familiar with alternate road routes before the winter dark hours set in.

This one isn't too bad. I still want to try it at different hours of the morning and evening to get a feel for traffic patterns. From Elvaton south I could easily follow Jumpers to Benfield for an all road route. From Dorsey Rd heading north, the ride up Aviation Blvd wouldn't be too pleasant but should be manageable until I get to Andover Rd.

I also want to try crossing I-97 at Brightview and heading north from there.


  1. That's the route my wife uses to go to work at BW Medical Center to avoid 100 and the traffic there. Usually there is a lot of traffic around the hospital, but even more so close to shift change hours. When I've taken that route, the congestion there is a challenge. The intersections at Aquahart and Quarterfield are not a lot of fun either ... but that's surface roads for you. Earl

  2. Yeah traffic through there was thick both ways. But it all seemed manageable. I'll certainly favor the trail when it's available. But I wanted to get more familiar with my options for times when the trail is not accessible due to snow cover or police road blocks.

  3. You almost passed by my townhouse and if you go by Brightview, you'll be within 100 meters of it. There is a bridge to cross 97 on Brightview, but eventually it seems like you'd have to pick up Crain Highway or Quarterfield, both of which are absolutely terrible for biking, though perhaps in the morning it wouldn't be that bad.

  4. I took Brightview today. Weaving up from Benfield to Brightview was great. Quiet neighborhood streets. But you're right, once I got to New Cut and Quarterfield roads I took a short dogleg on each road to cross it, not fun.

    Here's the morning route.

    I'm going to reverse it tonight but I'll go further south on W B & A road to Thompson. That should let me cross Quarterfield without actually riding on it, then I only have to confront New Cut.

    The other challenge I'll have come winter if we get a heavy snow is the immediate vicinity around the Airport. If the loop trail is not cleared, I have to ride on either Telegraph road on the West side or Aviation Loop on the East side.

    Check back in tonight, I'll blog all the gory details.

  5. Just as a heads up, if you have any interest in cutting a little bit off that, If you head West on East West, Larbo Road nearly hits East West and they are actually going to be connecting the two of them. See here for what I mean, also the first picture here. Or even just biking up Veteran's Highway. No shoulder, but not bad at all in the morning, especially heading northbound from there.

  6. Thanks, that would complement the Brightview route I worked out today very nicely. Looks like the portage over the rail at the south end of Larbo is no real obstacle. I'll give it a try on Thursday. (Not biking in tomorrow).

    We really need to connect for a ride some time. Looks like great weather this weekend. The turnout for the club ride with SPP to Annapolis Saturday morning should be huge. 7:30 at the Rusty Bridge.

    The club is also planning a Monday ride from Severna Park to North Beach, about 85 miles round trip. Rendezvous is at Benfield and Gov Stone at 6:45 Monday.

  7. Note: a few comments here were removed by the blog owner to remove coarse language. My kids do read this from time to time.